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San Jose Garage Doors | Really just a garage door?

Yes, your garage door is a garage door, but it is so much more than that. Your garage door functional completely as a door should, it goes up and down when you tell it to. But have you ever considered what else your garage door does for you?

Your garage door is what keeps your car and other belongings inside your garage and home safe from the outside world. So it is basically an awesome security guard on top of being a door. That is why you much make sure it is working right all the time, otherwise it is like you have a drunk security guard watching over your garage who might let someone slip in.

If you notice anything wrong with the door, give us a call right away! We don’t want a sloppy drunk garage door.

San Jose Garage Doors | Are you ready?

Christmas is upon us! With that comes family and fun. But it also means that you need to be extra careful that your garage door is working. With so many people in and out and around the door it is of the utmost importance that nothing at all should go wrong with your garage door. If it were to snap and fall it would be absolutely disastrous. Luckily nowadays there are so many safety measures in place to ensure the door doesn’t just drop, but if your garage door is more than 10 years old it may not have these features. It is always smart to have your garage door checked out at least twice a year…and right now is the perfect time…before all the family gets there later this week!

San Jose Garage Doors | Our thoughts on this Screw Drive opener

We have had customers ask us our opinion on all sorts of different garage door openers, hoping that we would divulge which ones we think are great, and which we think are really crappy.

Of all the major brands, of course, none are crappy.  But, there is a garage door opener that we installed earlier today that we’re a big fan of–  It’s the Genie Excelerator II 1500, and it’s a marvel of modern engineering.


Here are a few of the features:

  • Screw Drive opener that is efficient, quiet, and strong.
  • 1 HP Motor with speeds of up to 12″ / sec.
  • Rolling Code Security Technology
  • Built in Safety Features
  • And much more!

Interested in upgrading?  We can do that for you!  Give us a call today!

San Jose Garage Doors | Time to break up with your old garage door

It can be hard to break up with your garage door, the door is there for you no questions every single day. It goes up and down when you tell it to and it never complains. But garage door manufacturers are constantly working to advance technologies in regards to garage doors and their operation and something profound is released every 5 to 10 years. Therefore, if you haven’t upgraded your garage door in that time then you are missing out on some really great features for your garage door. Not only do these new advances make the door operate better but they are more energy efficient and are making the door safer and safer for you and your family. So, if your garage door is more than 10 years old…it’s time to break up!

San Jose Garage Doors | Correlation between home value and garage door

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between the value of your home and your garage door.  You may not have known that, especially if you have one of the few homes left in silicon valley that doesn’t look great!  So what gives?  Well, because your garage door takes up so much of the visual aspect of your home from the outside, when it’s ratty and rundown, your home will not appear as nice, making it appraise for less.

However, a clean and modern garage door can instantly transform the appearance of your home, which will dramatically increase the value.

Look into having your garage door updated / fixed if you’re looking to appraise soon to get the most home value possible!

San Jose Garage Doors | Emergency Garage Door Services

When your garage door breaks down it is important for you to have someone out right away to fix it, especially if your car is stuck inside the garage. Most garage door companies are only open during regular business hours and they will make you schedule an appointment…usually for later in the week. At San Jose Garage Doors we understand how imperative it is to get to you and fix your garage door as quickly as humanly possible. We offer emergency garage door services and same day garage door repairs for no extra charge because we want to help you. We believe in making every customer happy and we do that by providing excellent service any time day or night. If you are in need of a garage door service please call us right away!

San Jose Garage Doors | Frosty Windows!

Almost everyone out there has windows on their garage door–  And of those people with windows on the garage door, there’s probably very few that haven’t had their windows frosted or blacked out.

Maybe even as low as 5 people in all of silicon valley.

Are you one of them?

If so, this blog is directed right at you, because it’s important that you have frosted garage door windows–  This helps to keep your home secure from all the thieves lurking in the dark; and it also helps to create a uniform look for your garage, which represents a very large portion of your home.

There are other benefits too–  Basically, just get your windows frosted / tinted!

San Jose Garage Doors | Are you still the garage door opener?

Recently, we drove past a home where the homeowner (or tenant) was getting out of their car to open their garage door so they could park.

. . .  We had to stop, park, and watch, just to make sure we weren’t going crazy, and we were actually witnessing some sort of strange ritual from a bygone era.

Has this person not heard of a garage door opener?  They’ve been around for a while, and garage door opener installation isn’t that expensive.

Wow. . .  “Garage door opener installation.”  That’s not something you hear often because basically everyone has a garage door opener already installed.  Anyway–  There’s no reason for you to be the garage door opener; have one installed today!

San Jose Garage Doors | Help! My garage door opener is too dang loud!

Is your garage door opener keeping you up late at night?  Maybe it’s not, but it could be waking you up too early.  If it’s doing neither of those, it could still be terribly unpleasant dealing with an overly noisy garage door opener.

This is where we come in.

If your garage door is producing enough noise that you’re unhappy about it, you likely have a chain drive garage door opener, the most inexpensive style of garage door opener, which also happens to be the loudest.

So how do you get around this?  You upgrade to a belt drive opener.  By using a smoother, quieter operating belt drive motor, your garage door will be just as efficient, just as awesome, but nowhere near as loud!

San Jose Garage Doors | What’s in a name?

Garage door, that is a name that actually represents a lot more than we realize. The garage is the biggest entryway into our homes. The garage is where we keep our cars and other valuable items. So the garage door is so much more than just a door, it is a security guard and block from the outside world.

The garage door keeps what we have inside safe and keeps unwanted visitors and bad weather out. Our garage doors are the protector of our home. So the next time your garage door is asking for a little upgrade or maintenance you should really listen!

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