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San Jose Garage Doors | “Excuse me, but are you open today?”

We were surprisingly busy on Saint Patrick’s Day, and surprisingly, a lot of the customers that called in started their phone call the same way:

“Excuse me, but are you open today?  I really need you to come fix my opener.”

Are we open today?!  That really caught us off guard, not only because it was a Monday, but because we never close.

That’s right!  We’re always open and ready to serve you, so there’s no need having to ask that anytime you call in to us.

Plus, think about it:  If we’re answering the phone, I think the answer should be clear:  San Jose Garage Doors is open.

San Jose Garage Doors | Options for an Opener Upgrade

Most homeowners have the cheap, run of the mill chain drive garage door opener isntalled that makes quite a bit of noise.  What if you one of the smart homeowners that has decided they want a smoother, quieter operating garage door opener?  What are your choices?

  1. Belt Drive Opener, which operates in a very similar way to the chain drive, except it’s quieter and smoother.
  2. Screw Drive, which is heavy duty, ultra reliable, but could potentially be pretty noisy.
  3. Jack Shaft, which is for special applications–  We’ll write an entirely different blog post about that one of these days.

So, which one is right for you?  We usually recommend going with a belt drive–  More cost effective than a screw drive, and much quiet / smoother than a chain drive opener.  Ask us about garage door opener options today!

San Jose Garage Doors | Music Garage Door Techs Like

We’re interrupting your regularly scheduled informative blogs for a quick post geared more toward getting to know your garage door repair techs from San Jose Garage Doors!  This week’s topic:  What kind of music we like to listen to while working out in the field.

Well, personally, I like to listen to something pretty rockin’ with a pretty good beat.  A good example would be David Bowie’s “Suffragette City:”

Other techs like some more modern music, like “Pompeii:”

And then there’s my son–  He has terrible taste in music, but he likes to listen to video game music, like this bizarre song that he sent me:

I sometimes wonder what’s wrong with him, but then again, he knows garage door springs, so I’m proud of him!

San Jose Garage Doors | (800) 953 – 9805 | Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is so soon! So, we wanted to say thank you to all of our wonderful clients here in San Jose. We love this community and are proud to help out when you are in need of garage door repairs and services.

We are also thankful for our garage doors. They help to keep our business and homes safe and they work year after year with so few problems. The garage door is probably one of the least appreciated parts of your home, but it really does so much.

So, we say thank you to all of you out there and to all of our garage doors!

San Jose Garage Doors | (800) 953 – 9805 | Vertical Clearance

With Hollister not far away, and plenty of places to take a four wheel drive rig within a day trip, a lot of our customers have a past time that requires a lot of vertical clearance in their garages.  Nothing wrong with that, except that a traditional garage door opener mounts to your ceiling and takes away from that precious clearance.  What if there was another way?

Lucky for you, there is.  Ask us about Jackshaft garage door openers that mount to the wall of your garage–  This maximizes vertical clearance in your garage door whatever it is that moves you!

San Jose Garage Doors | (800) 953 – 9805 | Is it time for a new garage door?

You may not want to deal with getting a new garage door, but if your garage door isn’t working right or is bringing down the curb appeal of your home  it is probably time to get a new one. If you aren’t sure if your garage door can be repaired or actually needs to be replaced a technician can definitely assess the situation and tell what is best. Here at San Jose Garage Doors we will always repair the door first if that will fix the problem. If it won’t, then a new garage door is in order. There are a ton of options on the market and we can help you find the best one to fit your needs.

San Jose Garage Doors | (800) 953 – 9805 | How to keep the garage organized

Boy oh boy how quickly the garage can become a mess. You start by putting a few extra things out there and then before you know it the garage is so full of random stuff that you can’t even fit your car in there. If this is you, don’t worry there are a lot of different ways to store stuff in your garage while also keeping room for your car too. We like to install small rods into the side of the garage that you can stack bins on. This way you keep everything organized and off the floor.

San Jose Garage Doors | (800) 953 – 9805 | Emergency garage door service

We know how absolutely irritating and inconvenient it can be when your garage door breaks or stops working right. But did you know it can also be a safety hazard. Your garage door weighs at least 150lbs and if that were to fall on you or your car it would be a disaster. Not only that, but a broken garage door also leaves your car and home vulnerable to people looking to break in. It is never worth it to wait to have your garage door repaired, you should always call in a a garage door company that will do the repairs the very same day you call. San Jose Garage Doors promises to provide same day services and emergency garage door repairs.

San Jose Garage Doors | (800) 953 – 9805 | My garage door doesn’t open

What do you do when you press your garage door clicker and it won’t open? For most people their initial thought would be to call a garage door company to repair the faulty opener. But, in a lot of cases you can actually fix the situation yourself. The first thing you should do is replace the battery in the garage door clicker to make sure it is working. If you put a new battery in and it still doesn’t work you will want to check the power source to your garage and garage door opener. Only after you have checked these things and found the door to still not open should you call a garage door repair company.

San Jose Garage Doors | (800) 953 – 9805 | Emergency garage door repair

If your garage door is acting funny or stops working, call San Jose Garage Doors ASAP! A broken garage door is a lot more than just a nuisance, it is a safety hazard. An average garage door weighs over 150lbs and if that were to drop on you it could cause a lot of harm or even death. It is seriously not worth risking your life by waiting to call someone to repair your garage door. Please call right away and we will send someone out to do emergency garage door repairs for you. This service does not cost any more than a regularly scheduled repair because we know how important it is to keep you and your family safe.

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